Kamis, 02 Agustus 2012

Chapter 5: New People New Training

Hehe Today We Meet a new Student His name is Jimmy he is big and strong ideal for us .
We Finally step up our first Combat Exam . We practice agility training , power training , defense training and stealth training our combatist went well untill ........... Kevin our Lieutenant Betrays us. We will see who has pass the exam at our new Academy and we train how to dodge , how to take cover , how to build bunker, how to sprint in two seconds and the final exam Is Combat training death match . We are not sure who has pass . We also fired the traitor Andrew who is secretly attacking us .Jimmy is big but beware if he joins the dark side . Well the one who pass this training are Bryan , Vincent , Jeff ,Jedy , Kenneth and Nellson  . More to come combat training is ideal to destroy our enemies

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