Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

Dead Rising News

Zombies are quite real they are undead people infected by viruses.Draculas are real there is a soldier who already died but keep biting people. Yetis are real they have been often seen in the snow.Gremlins are real they are small creatures who like to destroy aero planes .Ghost are real there is many who have seen them . So watch out they are probably watching you from your back so watch out .From Will's Recent update news at this blogspot give email also if you have to report at

Chapter 3: Day off

It's a bust Kevin wanted a day off ,the group thinks he is the traitor but I managed to stop the group from attacking Kevin .We regroup at the outpost and protects our base area .Bryan man the machine gun.Kenneth watches inside th eoutpost. I take cover inside the outpost .Jeff and Vincent cover our flanks .While Jedy guards.Nellson is inside the base giving tips about the war. Soon we are bored and play a game called Empire And Allies. Empire won in the second round while I bombard them with my KAMIKAZE strike which is dangerous to the enemy .   Nellson and Kenneth And Bryan is my team.While Jedy, Vincent, Jeff And Andrew is their team . War breakout we laid bullets and machine gun bullets to the Empire , Our strike managed To deliver a swift Halt to their strike .Untill kaboom! KAMIKAZE incoming .

Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

Chapter 2: An New Agency

As we cancel our attack ,we signed a peace treaty with their leader Kevin , the epic epilogue from Secret Allied Agency 1 comes the new story Secret Allied Agency 2 members: Strike Team Delta : Captain Vincent , Private Bryan and Corporal Jedy. Strike team Alpha :
Captain William , Lieutenant Kevin ,Officer Nellson , First Officer Andrew and Battalion Commander Kenneth .We need to have info on enemy . Our Friendly Defense Program FDP will protect any allied soldiers FDP will be applied in even the hardest Situation .As our final demise from Secret Allied Agency We rose from demise . Rules 1. Traitor will be fired 2.Protect your teammates 3.Always Follow orders 4. Don't attack innocents . We now have 1 Base and 1 outpost ready for battle . Outpost for Team Delta and the base for Team Alpha . We will not recruit High General Rishard for his betrayal and the responsibility for the demise of Secret Allied Agency 1 and for the fail of the FDP program . Secretly though without the Traitor knowing we form this agency . As past cannot be mourn Secret Allied Agency 1 program has ended destruction ly

Kamis, 26 Juli 2012

A new Allegiance

Today I do a presentation in front of the class , Today I make new enemies , Today I play a new game called AT-OT Wars , Today Someone betray us , Today I make an alliance .

It all started when a few of us play a new game called AT-OT wars, it was fun untill some one betrays us so we make an alliance to crush them to shreds . My team is Me , Kenneth , Vincent and Jedy .Then we were attacked by another unknown enemies , as we run and retreat for cover . After a few wars between us . We lose at our first campaign between the unknown enemies , despite our demise our base is taken by them We make a swift cut when they are celebrating victories .Our base are retaken but we must make a swift strike to those who betrays us our first step is knowing theyre information we send our spy Jedy to their lair . Jedy pretends to be their team and listen the whole story of what they're planning . Then Jedy and I see another betrayer , A friend in need this is our first step of crushing the traitors we must make a swift destruction and end this quick once and for all.

Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

Clone Trooper Data

Homeworld:Kamino. Captains
Species:Human. Rex Lock Clone troopers are clones of Jango Fett
Height:1,83 Meters Kagi Korbel That serves as the basic frontline
Gender:Male Dc-155 Blaster Tyto Herc. Infantry gunners for the republic they
Weapons DC-15A Blaster Sharp. Are more smart and full of tactics then
The Separatist B1 Battle droid
Arc Trooper. Shock trooper
Arf Trooper Clone Commander
Clone Trooper Clone Gunner
Heavy Clone Trooper Wolfpack Clonetrooper "A weapon they are. Obey orders without question for good or ill. For now they fight for us. Who is to say what the future holds?"

Back to School

Today is July 24 2012 and I'm going back to school since that day .,And now I'm p5 Since I never contact my Friends ,when I go to school I immediately chat and talk with them Well about Star Wars. William: Hey ken do you know Boba Fett? Kenneth:no.William:What about Jango Fett? Kenneth:yes William: Boba is the son of Jango Fett Kenneth:Oh you know will i like Star Wars battle front 2 William:I also have it we use clone trooper right? Kenneth:yeah was one of the many words I said
. And today is my Schools birthday what a coincidence the first day is the 62th birthday of BPK PENABUR Quite old don't they? Then there's some sort of chapel to bless my school and some sort of a few bible stories from our Speaker he's quite funny he bring a few puppets and make a few funny stories he make the whole class with nonstop class fun laugh all of the students laugh. Well it's quite an experience to go back to school . Well that's all for today. To be continued....

Jumat, 06 Juli 2012


It is the year 2005 where the evil Decepticons have conquered Cybertron the home planet of the Transformers , the Autobots have retreat to the Autobot city on Earth , a space shuttle is heading for Autobot city and its crew Ironhide,Prowl ,Ratchet and Brawn  but they have been killed by megatron . When Autobot city is under attack Wheeljack Windcharger and Huffer died ,rest assured their bodies are kept in side the Autobot Mausoleum . When Megatron and Optimus Prime engage in a duel in Autobot city , Optimus wins but suffered huge damage ,when flatlining optimus gives the matrix to the Autobot Ultra Magnus and he died was buried in the autobot mausoleum . as the battle rages on Megatron was thrown into space and discover the planet eater Unicron , Unicron wants the Autobot matrix destroyed and make a deal with Megatron, but Megatron is heavily damage and then he was updated to the decepticon Galvatron .Cyclonus , Scourge and the sweeps and overthrows Starscream by shooting right into him making him into dust and kills Ultra Magnus at the planet junkion but Ultra Magnus are repaired by Wreck-gar and his junkions .then Unicron attacked Cybertron but the guardian Shockwave attacked . Unsuccesfully halting Unicrons defences Galvatron grab the matrix and turn against Unicron . Being betrayed Unicron swallowed Galvatron.Right after that just in time for the Autobot reinforcements to halt unicrons defences and managed to destroy unicron from the inside of his body succesfully the Autobot celebrate their victory at cybertron and the survivor cheers : till all are one . 


LMFAO members Redfoo and Sky Blu stepped into comas after excessive party rocking on the song :Sorry for party rocking on  their night club. Their new single Party Rock Anthem feat.Laurenn Bennett and Goonrock  was launched to the world. 28 DAYS LATER LMFAO wake up and get out from their hospital when they see tossing cars everything is devastated and they  just realized that theyre new single party rock anthem devastated the whole world .the world is infestated with shuffle. Monday shuffle , Tuesday shuffle.i get that devilish flow rock and roll no halo we party rock. Everybody just have good time party rock is in the house we just wanna see ya shake that............everyday im shuffling
The video is belong to LMFAO

My Own Lego Star Wars Gold Leader’s Y-wing Star Fighter

On Sunday i bought Gold leader’s Y-wing Star fighter for around 1.000.000 Rp at Trans Studio Mall at Metro this Y-wing Includes with Princess Leia , Gold Leader and R5-F7 for the Minifigure .  It also have some special features including dropping mini bomblets, R5-F7 Droid socket, Firing missiles, Rotating Gun and Opening cockpit . There is a picture behind the box that shows Y-Wing star fighter flying along with the X-wing starfighter (not included) in the Dread Planet :Death Star . also the minifigure has accesories that includes gun. The Starfighter has 1 cockpit, 2 blasters, 2 boosters, 1 Droid socket, 2 Missile Launcher , 1 twin gun and 1 bomb socket.



Lego Ninjago : Rise of The Snakes is a game that the controIs are simple to play  . In Ninjago : Rise of the Snakes you must build mighty Lego champions and battle against other champions to unlock Minifigs, weapons and more! . Also there is many characters such as :
               Kai                    Zane                 Cole                      Jay 
       Kendo Kai             Kendo Zane      Kendo Cole      Kendo Jay
       Kai ZX                     Zane ZX            Cole ZX              Jay ZX
      Kai Dx                     Zane DX             Cole DX            Jay DX
      Sensei Wu                Samurai X            Nya        Green Ninja
Fangdam                 Lasha                  Fang-Suei           Mezmo
Slithraa                    Lizaru                 Bytar                   Chokun
Spitaa                        Snappa             Rattla                  Snike
Frak jaw                          Nuckal          Chopov          Bonezai
Krazi                                Kruncha       Garmadon    Lloyd
    And more what are you waiting for? It is free go grab it!!     In Ipad.