Kamis, 28 Juni 2012


Tintin visited the old street market for buying his own painting , the pickpocket Aristide Silk is also in the market  who is really special at pickpocketing . Accidently Tintin found the legendary warship Unicorn with  3 decks 3 mastes  50 guns commanded by Sir Francis Haddock but  Tintin doesn’t know this. So Tintin bought it but a detective from interpol name Mr.Barnaby Dawes he tell that tintin is about to get into whole mess of danger but Tintin refused  also there is  Mr.Sakharine also wanted the ship but for evil doings Tintin refused. After going back to his apartement  snowy accidently broke the unicorn’s mast and a parchment fell Tintin got to the library and discover about the Unicorn after going home the detective Mr.Barnaby Dawes came to tell the situation to tintin but been shot by Sakharine after the tragedy Mr.Barnaby dawes try  to spell a word karaboudjan Thompson and Thomson investigated this and the pickpocket  try to stole Thompson’s wallet but unsuccesfully stole Thomspon,s walet he stole tintin’s wallet  Thompsons are after them tintin is captured to the karaboudjan a ship that carries sakharine commanded by archibald haddock but tintin found the ship’s captain Archibald Haddock imprisoned by Sakharine in his own cabin and betrayed by his own crew.After they are allies they send a telegram to interpol’s Thompson and Thomson, and they escaped using a boat but hunted down by a plane , Tintin shot down the plane and capture the plane and headed to Baghaar using the plane  but they crashed in the desert Sahara.But they were rescued and managed to get Baghaar  and chase Sakharine parchments but they retreat but Tintin stopped them
And it was reaveled Haddock’s ancestor Sir Francis Haddock have battled with Sakharine’s ancestor Red Rackham the parchment was a tresure map written Three brothers joined ,Three Unicorns  in company sailing in the noonday sun will speak for its from the light that light will dawn and shines upon the eagles cross. It requires three unicorns model and  three parchments then the secret will be reaveled towards the old Haddock    estates  old marlinspike hall where the butler Nestor is waiting ,they have found Red Rackam’s treasure but Sir Francis Haddock left another clue which is the Unicorns secret cargo with the finest tobbaco and rum but the treasure is 400 weight of GOLD.

Rabu, 27 Juni 2012


Clone troopers are a weapon,they  follow orders without hesitation and never ask good or ill .They could execute even tough challenge like the clone attack on coruscant .These soldiers wields rifles that can melt the essence of  a battle droid armor .
Clone Gunner these guys pack a big punch with its bazooka heavy weapon.They wear phase I armor which is lighter than the Phase II armor .Tough and powerful  one bullet from its gun can litteralily destroy and dismembers 3 or 4 battle droid.                                                                                                    
ARC trooper also known as Advanced Recon Commando trooper  is clone trooper wearing  phase II  armor which is more durable and powerful than the basic clone trooper .These arc trooper could execute any mission against even  the hardest challenge against the seperatist .  
Clone pilot altough only serves as a pilot of the republic ,who knows that clone troopers can be pinned down in a battlefield and requires an air strike this guy can choose variety of planes likel the y-wing bomber that can bombard  an entire battlefield with its bomblets.
Shock trooper from even its name  shock we knows that this guy can electrocute the essence of  a super battle droid.  Unlike any other clone this guy use electric as if its weapon  can electrocute beings, if too long can trash them into fresh hot dust.

Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012


The best selling construction toy on the planet.  Making this set take years to design and development  metrick tons of plastics, twelve hundred moulding machine, an army of robot, precise painting and packaging lines ,automatic sorting machine and a global distribution system .It all starts from a simple brick form a toy empire LEGO. The most popular set Lego city estimatedly childrens play this brick for 5 billions hour .They get updated for every few years. But with an outstanding robotic system its a risk if there’s a system failure in the robots that has caused to many loose of money . Lego has a fascinating fact they made 500 bricks per second and if they has 2 years supply of Lego you can stack it till the moon .lego company has a brand new game called lego universe.they pack all the box with 16 people . They pack around 1 million pack per week. Also for strategist investment lego work together with other company to make Lego star wars lego Harry Potter and many more . With teamwork at hand Lego created star wars reanimated with Lego forming lego star wars 123456 Lego also created many games including online games in computer or at playstation ipad and nds and many more like ninjago rise of the snakes  hero factory lego star wars lego Harry Potter  and more from their own like lego city .

Lego city takes place in well acity while lego star wars take many place in the space . Lego created mini figures first with clay and then they made it into plastic . The first lego was made with wood in Denmark, speaking of Denmark lego has three factory mega factory to be precise Denmark, Mexico, and Czech Republic. Lego has precise painting if kids like to bite them, it will never come off and it’s safe for kids to bite them because they doesn’t use toxics material and plastics for their products.


Nellson : he is a goodfriend to me. He likes to bother nearly  everybody in his class . Sometimes he likes kung fu but  I call him kung boo .He likes Chinese food very much.

Kenneth : he likes the game God of War very much, also he ask me to download Command and Conquer, Red Alert 3  for him. He is a good friend although naughty but not for me. He likes Star Wars and Real Steel. Maybe his favorite is The Tower of Power,  Twin Cities and The King of The Ring Zeus . He sometimes likes to dance with my group in PE lesson. He is quite good at dancing but he needs to be commanded.
Vincent : he also like Real Steel , Kingdom Rush and Dead Space . He is quite greedy when it comes to food ,not only food but every thing he  likes. Every food that he saw  even though he said he didn't like it

Bryan : he like command and conquer very much, Kingdom Rush, Star Wars, Counter Strike, Point Blank,  Call of Duty  and many more. He is also quite smart both at playing games and at studying. He is also  one of my dance group in P.E lesson

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom rush is one of my favorite games it's located in medieval moments
there are some towers and some advanced tower
Footmen Barracks
Knight barracks

Mage tower
Adept tower
Wizard tower

Archer tower
Marksmen tower
Sharpshooter tower

Dwarven bombard
Dwarven artillery
Dwarven howitzer

There are also more than 30 enemies like vez'nan,J.T,Juggernaut,Salergaz,Greenmuck and Gul,thak are th bosses quite strong

Also more than 10 levels including bosses packed with action and fun also heroic and iron challenge mode which keep your hard pounding

As a General of King Denas We need to defend south port from goblins and defend the city of linirea you will Encounter Many bosses like J.T

We need to kill vez'nan so our kingdom is safe we travel to Stormcloud temple ,The Wastes and even The rift of cinders and battle lord vez'nan and his evil minions he is quite strong at killing your men .

Iron challenge
Heroic mode
Upgrades over 20
Over 40 enemies
6 bosses
Over 16 towers
Bonus levels

So what are you waiting for grab this game and play it online or at your iPad


On my holiday I go to Jakarta . Its hot over also its really dirty. I use my fathers car to get there. When I reached the destination, I eat with fried rice and a milkshake at a restaurant nearby my old house for dinner . After I eat, I go to my old house and stay there while I’m in Jakarta  . I go to my house after I finish my dinner and download some games for my ipad they are:  Ninjago : Rise Of The Snakes ,Ninjago : Spinjitzu Scavenger Hunt , Hero Factory , Star Wars Battle Orders games and Lego Minifigures they are from LEGO.INC visit www.Lego.com for more! N.O.V.A 2  , Modern Combat : Sandstorm , Iron Man 2 , The Ultimate Spider Man : Total Mayhem , Shadow Guardian , Brother In Arms , Men in Black 3 and Hero of Sparta these are from Gameloft.Inc visit www.gameloft.com for more! And Plants Vs Zombies from Popcap Inc visit www.popcap.com for more! After I download all of these fun games I connect to the wi-fi connection so I can download these games

Also I download some comics.  They are: Transformers Autocracy #1 #2 #3 #8 #9 and Transformers All hail Megatron . If you like these games you can download it. After I play my ipad, I play my lego .
ANAKIN SKY-WALKER                   VS         OBI-WAN KENOBI
ARC TROOPER                              VS           GEONOSIAN ZOMBIE
R2-D2                                             VS           C-3PO
CLONE TROOPER                          VS           BATTLE DROID
CLONE TANK                                 VS            AA-T
QUI-GON JINN                              VS            DARTH MAUL
DARTH VADER                               VS            BEN KENOBI