Selasa, 07 Agustus 2012

Top Star Wars Characters

1.Han Solo
2. Yoda
3. Obi Wan Kenobi
4.Anakin Skywalker
5.Luke Skywalker
6.Leia Organa

Kamis, 02 Agustus 2012


Attention if  you are Kenneth William Saputra or Vincent Collin Tirta  or Bryan Daverel or Jefferson Rafael Or Nellson or Jedy Alexander means you has pass your training good luck boys!

Chapter 5: New People New Training

Hehe Today We Meet a new Student His name is Jimmy he is big and strong ideal for us .
We Finally step up our first Combat Exam . We practice agility training , power training , defense training and stealth training our combatist went well untill ........... Kevin our Lieutenant Betrays us. We will see who has pass the exam at our new Academy and we train how to dodge , how to take cover , how to build bunker, how to sprint in two seconds and the final exam Is Combat training death match . We are not sure who has pass . We also fired the traitor Andrew who is secretly attacking us .Jimmy is big but beware if he joins the dark side . Well the one who pass this training are Bryan , Vincent , Jeff ,Jedy , Kenneth and Nellson  . More to come combat training is ideal to destroy our enemies

Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

Dead Rising News

Zombies are quite real they are undead people infected by viruses.Draculas are real there is a soldier who already died but keep biting people. Yetis are real they have been often seen in the snow.Gremlins are real they are small creatures who like to destroy aero planes .Ghost are real there is many who have seen them . So watch out they are probably watching you from your back so watch out .From Will's Recent update news at this blogspot give email also if you have to report at

Chapter 3: Day off

It's a bust Kevin wanted a day off ,the group thinks he is the traitor but I managed to stop the group from attacking Kevin .We regroup at the outpost and protects our base area .Bryan man the machine gun.Kenneth watches inside th eoutpost. I take cover inside the outpost .Jeff and Vincent cover our flanks .While Jedy guards.Nellson is inside the base giving tips about the war. Soon we are bored and play a game called Empire And Allies. Empire won in the second round while I bombard them with my KAMIKAZE strike which is dangerous to the enemy .   Nellson and Kenneth And Bryan is my team.While Jedy, Vincent, Jeff And Andrew is their team . War breakout we laid bullets and machine gun bullets to the Empire , Our strike managed To deliver a swift Halt to their strike .Untill kaboom! KAMIKAZE incoming .

Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

Chapter 2: An New Agency

As we cancel our attack ,we signed a peace treaty with their leader Kevin , the epic epilogue from Secret Allied Agency 1 comes the new story Secret Allied Agency 2 members: Strike Team Delta : Captain Vincent , Private Bryan and Corporal Jedy. Strike team Alpha :
Captain William , Lieutenant Kevin ,Officer Nellson , First Officer Andrew and Battalion Commander Kenneth .We need to have info on enemy . Our Friendly Defense Program FDP will protect any allied soldiers FDP will be applied in even the hardest Situation .As our final demise from Secret Allied Agency We rose from demise . Rules 1. Traitor will be fired 2.Protect your teammates 3.Always Follow orders 4. Don't attack innocents . We now have 1 Base and 1 outpost ready for battle . Outpost for Team Delta and the base for Team Alpha . We will not recruit High General Rishard for his betrayal and the responsibility for the demise of Secret Allied Agency 1 and for the fail of the FDP program . Secretly though without the Traitor knowing we form this agency . As past cannot be mourn Secret Allied Agency 1 program has ended destruction ly

Kamis, 26 Juli 2012

A new Allegiance

Today I do a presentation in front of the class , Today I make new enemies , Today I play a new game called AT-OT Wars , Today Someone betray us , Today I make an alliance .

It all started when a few of us play a new game called AT-OT wars, it was fun untill some one betrays us so we make an alliance to crush them to shreds . My team is Me , Kenneth , Vincent and Jedy .Then we were attacked by another unknown enemies , as we run and retreat for cover . After a few wars between us . We lose at our first campaign between the unknown enemies , despite our demise our base is taken by them We make a swift cut when they are celebrating victories .Our base are retaken but we must make a swift strike to those who betrays us our first step is knowing theyre information we send our spy Jedy to their lair . Jedy pretends to be their team and listen the whole story of what they're planning . Then Jedy and I see another betrayer , A friend in need this is our first step of crushing the traitors we must make a swift destruction and end this quick once and for all.