Kamis, 26 Juli 2012

A new Allegiance

Today I do a presentation in front of the class , Today I make new enemies , Today I play a new game called AT-OT Wars , Today Someone betray us , Today I make an alliance .

It all started when a few of us play a new game called AT-OT wars, it was fun untill some one betrays us so we make an alliance to crush them to shreds . My team is Me , Kenneth , Vincent and Jedy .Then we were attacked by another unknown enemies , as we run and retreat for cover . After a few wars between us . We lose at our first campaign between the unknown enemies , despite our demise our base is taken by them We make a swift cut when they are celebrating victories .Our base are retaken but we must make a swift strike to those who betrays us our first step is knowing theyre information we send our spy Jedy to their lair . Jedy pretends to be their team and listen the whole story of what they're planning . Then Jedy and I see another betrayer , A friend in need this is our first step of crushing the traitors we must make a swift destruction and end this quick once and for all.

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