Jumat, 06 Juli 2012


It is the year 2005 where the evil Decepticons have conquered Cybertron the home planet of the Transformers , the Autobots have retreat to the Autobot city on Earth , a space shuttle is heading for Autobot city and its crew Ironhide,Prowl ,Ratchet and Brawn  but they have been killed by megatron . When Autobot city is under attack Wheeljack Windcharger and Huffer died ,rest assured their bodies are kept in side the Autobot Mausoleum . When Megatron and Optimus Prime engage in a duel in Autobot city , Optimus wins but suffered huge damage ,when flatlining optimus gives the matrix to the Autobot Ultra Magnus and he died was buried in the autobot mausoleum . as the battle rages on Megatron was thrown into space and discover the planet eater Unicron , Unicron wants the Autobot matrix destroyed and make a deal with Megatron, but Megatron is heavily damage and then he was updated to the decepticon Galvatron .Cyclonus , Scourge and the sweeps and overthrows Starscream by shooting right into him making him into dust and kills Ultra Magnus at the planet junkion but Ultra Magnus are repaired by Wreck-gar and his junkions .then Unicron attacked Cybertron but the guardian Shockwave attacked . Unsuccesfully halting Unicrons defences Galvatron grab the matrix and turn against Unicron . Being betrayed Unicron swallowed Galvatron.Right after that just in time for the Autobot reinforcements to halt unicrons defences and managed to destroy unicron from the inside of his body succesfully the Autobot celebrate their victory at cybertron and the survivor cheers : till all are one . 

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