Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

Chapter 3: Day off

It's a bust Kevin wanted a day off ,the group thinks he is the traitor but I managed to stop the group from attacking Kevin .We regroup at the outpost and protects our base area .Bryan man the machine gun.Kenneth watches inside th eoutpost. I take cover inside the outpost .Jeff and Vincent cover our flanks .While Jedy guards.Nellson is inside the base giving tips about the war. Soon we are bored and play a game called Empire And Allies. Empire won in the second round while I bombard them with my KAMIKAZE strike which is dangerous to the enemy .   Nellson and Kenneth And Bryan is my team.While Jedy, Vincent, Jeff And Andrew is their team . War breakout we laid bullets and machine gun bullets to the Empire , Our strike managed To deliver a swift Halt to their strike .Untill kaboom! KAMIKAZE incoming .

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