Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

Chapter 2: An New Agency

As we cancel our attack ,we signed a peace treaty with their leader Kevin , the epic epilogue from Secret Allied Agency 1 comes the new story Secret Allied Agency 2 members: Strike Team Delta : Captain Vincent , Private Bryan and Corporal Jedy. Strike team Alpha :
Captain William , Lieutenant Kevin ,Officer Nellson , First Officer Andrew and Battalion Commander Kenneth .We need to have info on enemy . Our Friendly Defense Program FDP will protect any allied soldiers FDP will be applied in even the hardest Situation .As our final demise from Secret Allied Agency We rose from demise . Rules 1. Traitor will be fired 2.Protect your teammates 3.Always Follow orders 4. Don't attack innocents . We now have 1 Base and 1 outpost ready for battle . Outpost for Team Delta and the base for Team Alpha . We will not recruit High General Rishard for his betrayal and the responsibility for the demise of Secret Allied Agency 1 and for the fail of the FDP program . Secretly though without the Traitor knowing we form this agency . As past cannot be mourn Secret Allied Agency 1 program has ended destruction ly

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