Rabu, 27 Juni 2012


Clone troopers are a weapon,they  follow orders without hesitation and never ask good or ill .They could execute even tough challenge like the clone attack on coruscant .These soldiers wields rifles that can melt the essence of  a battle droid armor .
Clone Gunner these guys pack a big punch with its bazooka heavy weapon.They wear phase I armor which is lighter than the Phase II armor .Tough and powerful  one bullet from its gun can litteralily destroy and dismembers 3 or 4 battle droid.                                                                                                    
ARC trooper also known as Advanced Recon Commando trooper  is clone trooper wearing  phase II  armor which is more durable and powerful than the basic clone trooper .These arc trooper could execute any mission against even  the hardest challenge against the seperatist .  
Clone pilot altough only serves as a pilot of the republic ,who knows that clone troopers can be pinned down in a battlefield and requires an air strike this guy can choose variety of planes likel the y-wing bomber that can bombard  an entire battlefield with its bomblets.
Shock trooper from even its name  shock we knows that this guy can electrocute the essence of  a super battle droid.  Unlike any other clone this guy use electric as if its weapon  can electrocute beings, if too long can trash them into fresh hot dust.

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