Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012


The best selling construction toy on the planet.  Making this set take years to design and development  metrick tons of plastics, twelve hundred moulding machine, an army of robot, precise painting and packaging lines ,automatic sorting machine and a global distribution system .It all starts from a simple brick form a toy empire LEGO. The most popular set Lego city estimatedly childrens play this brick for 5 billions hour .They get updated for every few years. But with an outstanding robotic system its a risk if there’s a system failure in the robots that has caused to many loose of money . Lego has a fascinating fact they made 500 bricks per second and if they has 2 years supply of Lego you can stack it till the moon .lego company has a brand new game called lego universe.they pack all the box with 16 people . They pack around 1 million pack per week. Also for strategist investment lego work together with other company to make Lego star wars lego Harry Potter and many more . With teamwork at hand Lego created star wars reanimated with Lego forming lego star wars 123456 Lego also created many games including online games in computer or at playstation ipad and nds and many more like ninjago rise of the snakes  hero factory lego star wars lego Harry Potter  and more from their own like lego city .

Lego city takes place in well acity while lego star wars take many place in the space . Lego created mini figures first with clay and then they made it into plastic . The first lego was made with wood in Denmark, speaking of Denmark lego has three factory mega factory to be precise Denmark, Mexico, and Czech Republic. Lego has precise painting if kids like to bite them, it will never come off and it’s safe for kids to bite them because they doesn’t use toxics material and plastics for their products.

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