Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012


Nellson : he is a goodfriend to me. He likes to bother nearly  everybody in his class . Sometimes he likes kung fu but  I call him kung boo .He likes Chinese food very much.

Kenneth : he likes the game God of War very much, also he ask me to download Command and Conquer, Red Alert 3  for him. He is a good friend although naughty but not for me. He likes Star Wars and Real Steel. Maybe his favorite is The Tower of Power,  Twin Cities and The King of The Ring Zeus . He sometimes likes to dance with my group in PE lesson. He is quite good at dancing but he needs to be commanded.
Vincent : he also like Real Steel , Kingdom Rush and Dead Space . He is quite greedy when it comes to food ,not only food but every thing he  likes. Every food that he saw  even though he said he didn't like it

Bryan : he like command and conquer very much, Kingdom Rush, Star Wars, Counter Strike, Point Blank,  Call of Duty  and many more. He is also quite smart both at playing games and at studying. He is also  one of my dance group in P.E lesson

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