Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom rush is one of my favorite games it's located in medieval moments
there are some towers and some advanced tower
Footmen Barracks
Knight barracks

Mage tower
Adept tower
Wizard tower

Archer tower
Marksmen tower
Sharpshooter tower

Dwarven bombard
Dwarven artillery
Dwarven howitzer

There are also more than 30 enemies like vez'nan,J.T,Juggernaut,Salergaz,Greenmuck and Gul,thak are th bosses quite strong

Also more than 10 levels including bosses packed with action and fun also heroic and iron challenge mode which keep your hard pounding

As a General of King Denas We need to defend south port from goblins and defend the city of linirea you will Encounter Many bosses like J.T

We need to kill vez'nan so our kingdom is safe we travel to Stormcloud temple ,The Wastes and even The rift of cinders and battle lord vez'nan and his evil minions he is quite strong at killing your men .

Iron challenge
Heroic mode
Upgrades over 20
Over 40 enemies
6 bosses
Over 16 towers
Bonus levels

So what are you waiting for grab this game and play it online or at your iPad

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